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Reduce all incoming damage by damage by 1.

#4: Iron Fur Brawler
#68: Sawtooth
4-Single 68-Single
#74: Crested Strategist
#78: Cerberus Whistle-Threat
74-Single 78-Single
#82: Wandering Mammoth
#249: Tattooed Toni
82-Single 249-Single
#284: Fire El
#297: I Am Ryoshi Too
Day4 6 297-Single
#299: I Am Ryosh3
#303: Designated Driver
299-Single 303-Single
#328: Shib-ops Specialist
#337: Shib Samurai Shogun
328-Single 337-Single
#390: Woof Ryders
#396: She is Ryoshi
390-Single 396-Single
#397: SS Virgil Crew Member
#408: Stainless Sam
397-Single 408-Single
#454: Yek Of Shadowcat Ghoul
#478: The Boss
454-Single 478-Single
#497: Armored Shib