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Must be attacked by the opponent's fighters.

#10: Training Dummy
#15: Luna The Loyalist
10-Single 15-Single
#31: Steadfast Halter
#154: Distraction Prodigy
31-Single 154-Single
#156: Feisty Fletcher
#199: Guardian of the Throne
156-Single 199-Single
#268: T-Bone Collector
#270: Sticky Fur
268-Single 270-Single
#272: Bubble Bather
#277: Shadowcat's Pet Mouse
272-Single 277-Single
#285: Protect The Princess
#298: Tethered Shib
285-Single 298-Single
#312: Mutant Pizza Protector
#386: Shib Piñata
312-Single 386-Single
#402: Bundled Shib
#403: Snowman
402-Single 403-Single
#461: Golden Ser