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Without an alarm or a rush to get up and see a warm sun rise into your window. You go through your daily motion put on a new set of Hodaven robes and meet Shy downstairs for the final day of training.

“Welcome to the chandelier room Shy says from the corner.

Day7 5

You sit comfortably as he pulls a large deck from his cloak.

“Trait Cards are a large collection of non-sequential events from our past that are immortalized within without me having to give you a full story Shy says.

Shy touches the table with his ungloved hands until a card holder emerges which dims the chandelier in the room. He takes a first card from his deck.

Day7 6

“I was there when Anarchy finally reached the Earth probably before you were born. That’s what this card represents Shy says.

Day7 1

“But I digress. Let’s continue.” He says as he waves the translucent chandelier in the room away from the red hues of the card. “

“Oh this next card reminds me that I need to charge the Shib Ship One for our return trip Shy says as he fumbles in his robe.

You both rush back outside to the Shib Ship one. He lowers a small latch on the side of the hull and removes a furry Electric EL Bolt.

Day7 2

Shy jams the bolt into the hull and you hear a slow buzzing.

“Watch this Shy says to you as the buzzing gets louder.

Day7 3

“Holy Shib!” you remark as the small bolt erupts with brilliance.

“Exactly let’s go back inside and finish up Shy says as you two walk away.

You know Shy says as hot tea is brought to you both. “You have to see this.”

He takes out a card and a picture of a dragon appears on the table.

“This is the Yek of Ancient Lore that I told you a bit about earlier Shy says.

Day7 4

Card #375: Yek of Ancient Lore
Type: Fighter
Passive Powers:
Card Rarity: Legendary
Keywords: Rampage Deal 2 damage to all enemies every time this card attacks.
Mythos Story: Deep in the mythos lies the Yek (pronounced Yeek!) of Ancient Lore. Armored by Mechanics, with a blessing from the Fire EL this Yek was the protector of Desek but then turned on his own species selling them all to the Shadowcats as mere vehicles to ride on. It took 5 legion of Taekwondoje (and other) fighters to subdue the beast, and by that time the damage had been done.
Trait: Orange Gi
Card Stats:
  • Attack: 4
  • Stamina: 5
  • Barks Needed: 6

And there you have it Shy says as he gets up and walks back towards the Shib Ship One. “Now that you’ve seen all the cards understand the game and understand parts of our amazing past that got us to a peaceful and prosperous future will you join us in playing Shiba Eternity?”

You nod.

“Good recruit! Ready for a pop quiz?” Shy says as the Ship whizzes to life. “Which weapon did I use after our last hope to defeat Shadowcat Ghoul? What’s your guess?”

Shy laughs as he gets aboard. You follow and ponder what can be the answer. Only time will tell.

“Don’t forget the glossary in the back of your manual recruit Shy says as you two blast off into infinite space.


Eager: Can attack immediately when placed on the battlefield.
Guardian: Must be attacked by opponent’s fighters.
Tough: Reduce all incoming damage by damage by 1.
Beta: Adjacent fighters gain have +1/1.
Alpha: All Fighters gain +1/+1
Speedy: Can attack twice each turn.
Mastery: Spells +1 effect
Block: Initial hit takes no damage.
Stealth: Card remains hidden and cannot be harmed by normal Fighter attacks.
Redirect: Redirect damage the first time this fighter’s attacked.
Stealth: Card remains hidden and cannot be harmed by normal Fighter attacks.


Alpha: Grants +1/+1 to all friendly fighters.
Aura: This effect is constantly active while the card exists on the battlefield.
Beta: Grants +1/+1 to adjacent fighters.
Backup: Does something if you already played a card this turn.
Counter: Triggers an effect every time this card suffers damage (even if it suffers damage multiple times in a single phase).
Focus: Does something every time a friendly Shib Power is used after the Shib Power effects have resolved.
Knockout: This does something when this card is knocked off the battlefield.
On Draw: Triggers every time a card is drawn during your turn.
Payback: A one-time effect when this fighter survives damage.
Play: Performs when the card is placed on the battlefield.
Purify: All enhancements are removed from a Purified Fighter.
Rally: Triggers every time a friendly Fighter is played onto the battlefield.
Rampage: Do something every time this card attacks.
Spell-Break: A one-time effect when you play a spell.
Spell-Surge: Does something when you play a spell.
Takedown: Does something when an attacked card is knocked off the battlefield.
Tough: Reduce the amount of damage this Fighter takes from combat by 1.


3D Chess: A Card that refers to the term often used by the crypto community to denote a complex strategy.

Bark Token (Bark Diamonds): Bark Power (Barks™ Bark Token™ or Bark Diamonds™ is the resource used in Ryoshi’s Dojo to play Cards and use Shib Powers each of which has a bark power cost that must be paid to use it. The supply of bark power is represented by Bark Power diamonds seen in the lower left corner of the screen represented by a blue diamond. This supply automatically increases and refills each turn although certain cards can also affect it. Bark Power is the only resource used in Ryoshi’s Dojo and is the primary limiting factor on the play of your cards so pay special attention to it

You’ll also see Bark Power on each card at the top left and noted under the descriptions of each card in this guidebook. You can’t exceed ten (unless you use an amazing spell or something along those lines).

BiteThai™ Discipline: Forged from a primal spirit Bite Thai masters have fought from the capture of the Shadowcats on the Taadh ™ planet. To win fights they use a multitude of well crafted attacks with small impacts until they can find the perfect way to finish a match with a definitive blow. This style has earned them victory especially when they combine forces on a variety of planets.

Blue Bracelets: From the planet of Cazten mined deep in the Shiba Rain Forest.

Cards: Cards are the primary battle method in Shiba Eternity.

  • Card Limit: The most cards you can have in your hand is 10. If you draw an eleventh it is released into the depths of Shibarium. Now you wouldn’t want that would you?
  • Playing A Card: Your card may force you to target a Shibian™ or your opponent's Shiboshi! If you have to choose a Shibian to attack drag from the Provocateur to the Target to play the card.
  • Cancel A Play: Cancel the action by Simply releasing over an invalid Target or if released outside the arena’s Battlefield. This is designated by the glow within the rectangle Battlefield.
  • If your card doesn’t require a target then simply drag the card onto the Battlefield to execute the spell or other action. Cancel as stated above.

There are three different types of cards available Fighter Cards Spells Cards and Weapon Cards.

Chewjitsu™ Discipline: Balanced and powerful Chewjitsu cards remind us of the valiant warriors from the Shiba Saga™. Originally founded on the planet Cazten™ these warriors worked with the Hodavens™ to have special spells and weapons formed that are reflected in Shiba Eternity gameplay. Noted by DEEP BLUE cards and a belt icon at the bottom of cards.

Discipline: Your Shiboshi can choose from one of 6 distinct disciplines (if your player rank is high enough to have unlocked said discipline). These disciplines are as listed below. Moreover each discipline has a set of unique cards that represent Shibians and Shibian items from our ancient lore and the stories associated withthem. You cannot change your discipline once chosen so review the traits keywords and passives of the trait cards associated with your newly minted Shiboshi by using the Card Review took before choosing a discipline.

Disciplines are:

  1. ChewJitsu: Balanced All-Around Deck
  2. TaekwonDoje: Mostly Fighters and Spells
  3. Ryo Chi : Defensive with Hearty Fighters
  4. Bite Thai: Very High Damage Output
  5. Woof Chun: Aggressive and Minimal Defense
  6. Shyjitsu: Defensive & Stealthy

EL: An elemental energetic creature that controls and unfolds on a planet as it’s primary energy. There are currently 5 main ELs that manifest upon various planets:

  • Water EL
  • Electric EL:
    • Planet Thoh
    • Mechanic’s
    • Metal instead of organic
    • Electric Bolts
  • Fire EL: Terefit
  • Earth EL
  • Mind EL*

Fatigue: What happens if you run out of cards? It’s rare but in that case the attempt to draw the card fails and instead your Shiboshi gains fatigue (which lowers their stamina)! This increases by one time you can’t draw a card. OOOF! Luckily If you restock your deck such as through spells you will not suffer fatigue.

Frinos Urn: A special bracelet forged from the blood of a hundred Frinos (and put in a kilt for the 2 years during the battle)!

RyoChi™ Discipline: The RyoChi™ Discipline uses a defensive playstyle to be one with their home planet and to win battles. With weapons forged from the hands of the Glory Armorer (who was a Hodaven™ apprentice) and impressive spells these species may look peaceful but don’t be fooled they are a formidable foe.

Ryoshi War™: An unprovoked attack on the Shibanu™ planet. Ryoshi with the help of the other Shibas from various disciplines fought off the attack but not without heavy losses (especially within the Bite Thai™ discipline).

Ser™: Short for what humans call “Seraphim” these angelic creatures are higher on the evolutionary plane from ELs and preside over the totality of creatures as judges and taskmasters.

Shadowcats™: Born from the resulting untimely and unlikely death of ELs in Posnia Retek™ by a rogue Ser these creatures grow spawn and feed on negative energy. The stronger the Fear Uncertainty and Doubt that exists in the physical plane the stronger they become. In the natural order of things they are responsible for the negative creation energy destruction decomposition and death. In this way they are known to exist in both the physical realm on certain planets and spiritual realms like Hellnia™. They emit a subtle stench that only Shibas can smell. On earth it is rumored that they’ve invaded the masses of elite leaders and infiltrated all forms of communication.

Shibanu™: The chaotic planet of Shibas before Ryoshi and the SS Virgil landed. Also known as Shibatopia™.

Shiboshi: A player can have up to [12] Shiboshis but only one can play a Shiba Eternity match at a time.

Shiboshi Power: Your Shiboshi’s power can change and is directly related to the traits they have. There are 21 Shiboshi Powers and the traits of your Shiboshi are assigned them as follows: For instance if your Shiboshi has either the Astro Clothes or 3D Glasses trait they can utilize the Dimensional Shift Shiboshi Power. A full Shiboshi Power & Trait list is below:

  1. Ancient Instincts: Give your Shiboshi +1 Attack until the end of your turn.
    1. Classic Eyes
    2. Look Forward
    3. No Accessory
    4. No Clothes
    5. No Hat
    6. Normal Mouth
  2. Butler Service: Draw 1 card then Overload 1 Bark Power.
    1. BubblePipe
    2. Crown
    3. Monocle
  3. Coaching: Give a friendly fighter +1 attack.
    1. Gold Chain
    2. Jersey
    3. Sportband
    4. Whistle
  4. Cybernetic Boost: Give your Shiboshi +1 armor.
    1. Cyborg Eyes
    2. Laser Visor
    3. Steel Clothing
    4. Steel Head
  5. Dimensional Shift: Switch a fighter's Attack and Stamina stats.
    1. Astro Clothes
    2. 3D Glasses
  6. Fast Development: Give a friendly fighter Speedy.
    1. DEV Clothes
    2. No FUD Clothes
    3. VR Headset
  7. FireBall: Deal 1 Damage.
    1. Flame Mouth
    2. Spiral Eyes
    3. Wizard Hat
    4. Wizard Robe
  8. Frostfire Blast: Deal 1 damage to an enemy fighter then stun any adjacent fighters.
    1. Blonde Hair
    2. Blue Armor
    3. Blue Hair
    4. Orange Gi
  9. Insider Trading: Add 1 Bark Token to your hand.
    1. Business Suit
    2. Meme Shades
    3. Top Hat
    4. Tux Shirt
  10. Katana Slice: Deal 1 damage to an enemy fighter and any adjacent fighters.
    1. Ryoshi Clothes
    2. Ryoshi Headwear
  11. Lasso: Stun an enemy fighter and deal 2 damage to them.
    1. Bone Mouth
    2. Cowboy Clothes
    3. Cowboy Hat
    4. Overalls
  12. Licking Wounds: Give your Shiboshi +1 Stamina.
    1. Halo
    2. Look Up
    3. Peace Tank
    4. Tongue Out
  13. Life of the Party: Add a Birthday Boi card to your hand.
    1. Mohawk
    2. Party Hat
    3. Party Popper
    4. Pizza
    5. Rocker Vest
  14. Quick Study: Give a friendly fighter Mastery.
    1. Beanie
    2. Bubblegum
    3. Earrings
    4. Glasses
    5. Lollipop
    6. University Hat
  15. Relaxing Moment: Give a friendly fighter Block.
    1. Poncho
    2. Rasta Hat
    3. Scarf Clothing
    4. Sombrero
  16. Rough Seas: Deal 2 damage split among enemy fighters.
    1. Captain's Hat
    2. Pirate Hat
    3. Pirate Patch
    4. Sailor Clothes
  17. Swift Healing: Give a friendly fighter +1 Stamina.
    1. Doctor Clothes
    2. Mask
    3. Sandwich
    4. Wink
  18. Slapstick: Give a friendly fighter +1/+1 but also deal 1 damage to your Shiboshi.
    1. Clown Clothes
    2. Clown Hair
    3. Clown Mouth
    4. Crosseyed
    5. Smirk
  19. Smoke Bomb: Give a friendly fighter Stealth.
    1. Black Mask
    2. Bat Clothes
    3. Bat Hat
  20. Stand Guard: Give a friendly fighter Guardian.
    1. Army Clothes
    2. Army Hat
    3. Dog Tags
  21. Unleash Hell: Deal 1 damage to the opponent's Shiboshi.
    1. Devil Horns
    2. Growl
    3. Laser Eyes
    4. Red Eyes

Shiboshi Traits: Each Shiboshi has a few of the possible 88 traits. These traits are: (FEMCHA)

  • Fur
  • Eyes
  • Mouth
  • Clothing
  • Headwear
  • Accessories

And in detail:

  • FUR (Does not have cards associated)

    1. Orange
    2. Brown
    3. Black
  • EYES

    1. 3D Glasses
    2. Black Mask
    3. Classic Eyes
    4. Crosseyed
    5. Cyborg Eyes
    6. Glasses
    7. Laser Eyes
    8. Laser Visor
    9. Look Forward
    10. Look Up
    11. Meme Shades
    12. Monocle
    13. Pirate Patch
    14. Red Eyes
    15. Rocker Makeup
    16. Spiral Eyes
    17. VR Headset
    18. Wink

    1. Bone Mouth
    2. Bubblegum
    3. BubblePipe
    4. Lollipop
    5. Clown Mouth
    6. Flame Mouth
    7. Growl
    8. Sandwich
    9. Mask
    10. Normal Mouth
    11. Party Popper
    12. Pizza
    13. Smirk
    14. Tongue Out
    15. Whistle

    1. Army Clothes
    2. Astro Clothes
    3. Bat Clothes
    4. Blue Armor
    5. Business Suit
    6. Clown Clothes
    7. Cowboy Clothes
    8. DEV Clothes
    9. Doctor Clothes
    10. Jersey
    11. No FUD Clothes
    12. No Clothes
    13. Orange Gi
    14. Overalls
    15. Peace Tank
    16. Poncho
    17. Rocker Vest
    18. Ryoshi Clothes
    19. Sailor Clothes
    20. Scarf Clothing
    21. Steel Clothing
    22. Tux Shirt
    23. Wizard Robe
  • HATS

    1. Army Hat
    2. Bat Hat
    3. Beanie
    4. Blonde Hair
    5. Blue Hair
    6. Captain's Hat
    7. Clown Hair
    8. Cowboy Hat
    9. Crown
    10. Cyborg Head
    11. Devil Horns
    12. Halo
    13. Mohawk
    14. No Hat
    15. Party Hat
    16. Pirate Hat
    17. Rasta Hat
    18. Ryoshi Headwear
    19. Sombrero
    20. Sportband
    21. Steel Head
    22. Top Hat
    23. University Hat
    24. Wizard Hat

    1. Dog Tags
    2. Earrings
    3. Gold Chain
    4. Leash
    5. No Accessory

Not all Shiboshis will have each trait and 10 unique combinations exist! Each trait allows the Shiboshi to have their own unique playstyle look Shiboshi Power and multiple decks

Shibas: In this part of the galaxy Shibas are an ancient lineage of humanoid dogs. While other animals have evolved Shibas have a unique ability to smell Shadowcats even when they are cloaked or attached by spirit to a different creature. This makes them both loved and hated within the galaxy and has caused the enslavement of some Shibas on planet Taadh and Haruveg.

Shiboshi: Using a combination of Hodaven™ magic and Mechanic™ technology Shiboshis were created as 10 unique creatures that have the traits commonly found in the Shiba Galaxy. Shiboshis allow species from all over the world to engage in exciting combat while remaining peaceful and paying homage to our incredible past via the Shiba Eternity™ game.

Shiboshi Rarity: Each Shiboshi has an associated rarity. A Shiboshi’s rarity is calculated by the sum scores of all of its traits.

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

(Note these rarity colors as they are utilized across the entire game including on the cards.)

Shiboshis Gaining More: You have access to many Shiboshis and can collect up to 10 You acquire more Shiboshi by:

  • Leveling up your Player Account at specific milestones or…
  • Spending Kibble to generate another.

Only 12 Shiboshi can be active and used in matches at once. You choose these active Shiboshis. Others will be put into storage.

Shiboshi Storage: Storage is a system that holds the collected Shiboshi that aren’t currently occupying 1 of the 12 slots. This enables players to keep Shiboshis without discarding them. If at any point a player no longer wishes to actively use a Shiboshi they can transfer it to storage from their active slot. Shiboshis can be swapped to and from storage becoming active and inactive easily. When a Shiboshi is transferred from a slot to storage any chests in that Shiboshi’s chest slots will be discarded and any saved decks will be lost.

Shi Energy™: Shi Energy is the name given by the ancient Shiba to represent the Shibarium™ energy when it is utilized inside the body of a creature.

Shib Power™ There are 21 unique Shib Powers that your Shiboshi can gain access to after coming into contact with Pure Fomo™. They can be activated once per turn if your Shiboshi has enough Bark Power.

Shiba Eternity™: A card game of ancient lore and current trend and future legend that describes the Shiba Saga™ in full. It is now played on Shibatopia™ and in the metaverse amongst other places as a way to preserve this rich history ethos and mythos.

Shiba Rain Forest: Rainy mountaintops and beautiful shores on the planet Cazten.

Shiba Saga™: A series of events including the Celestial WeddingDeath Hike™ and ShibArmy Invasion™ comprising the rich lore of Shiba Eternity™.

Shibatopia™: A planet of primarily Shibas where most of the Celestial Wedding™ lore takes place. Ravaged by an ancient Ryoshi War™ and finally achieving peace thereafter it is Shib headquarters.

Shyjitsu™: Shyjitsu is a stealth style mastered by necessity. Mechanics™ are a species of alien that uses their intelligence to create incredible technologies but they are also top of the food chain and love to eat most animals (including Shibas and humans)! To live peacefully on the planet of Thoh Shyjitsu warriors hide and use the cloak of night to win battles even when they are hunted by these Mechanics. Due to heavy Mechanic losses it wasn’t long until the Mechanics decided it best to be at peace with the Shyjitsu masters using a relationship with them to ensure no “bugs” caused by Shadowcats interfere with their projects.

Stamina : A number found on each Shiba Eternity™ card that indicates how many times a card can take damage before it is knocked out of the battlefield.

Taekwondoje™: A discipline that focuses on the power of the fighter and swift attacks founded on the planet of Desek. This style is mostly mirrored from the fierce quick and relentless attack of the Yeks also found on this planet. Cards that represent this powerful discipline are light grey as is the planet of Desek.

WoofChun™: Many fighters from the first Ryoshi War were captured and enslaved on the hidden planet of Taadh™. There a new quick attack-heavy fighting style was developed and mastered by the various species. When backup units from Bite Thai discipline and The Wanderers came to help free those captured the fighters were able to escape with every captive intact. This has earned these fighters quite a reputation.

Yek™: Yeks (pronounced YEEK) are a metallic yet organic species of fierce dragon that exist mainly in the wild on planet Desek.