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The ship jolts you awake. You rush down to your room and take a warm shower, brush your teeth, and get dressed in your Hodaven robes. When you get to the bridge of the ship, the fresh air of a new planet greets you.

Day6 1

“Welcome to Cazten,” Shytoshi says as you look out at the amazing scenery.
Shy grabs a simple looking fishing rod and some lures and heads to the end of the ship.

“I figured we’d grab some fresh fish and then cook them over an open fire as I show you about Passive Powers and Keywords,” Shy says. “There are many Passive Powers that a card can have in Shiba Eternity. Let’s go over them all.”

Eager: Can attack immediately when placed on the battlefield.
Guardian: Must be attacked by the opponent's fighters.
Tough: Reduce all incoming damage by damage by 1.
Beta: Adjacent fighters gain +1/1.
Alpha: All Fighters gain +1/+1
Speedy: Can attack twice each turn.
Mastery: Spells +1 effect
Block: Initial hit takes no damage.
Stealth: Card remains hidden and cannot be harmed by normal Fighter attacks.
Redirect: Redirect damage the first time this Fighter’s attacked.

He tosses the thick fishing line into the ocean and takes a moment to reel the line back in slowly.

“So you see, each passive can make a strong fighter stronger, but can also play an important role in the creation of a deck.”

You nod as it all begins to make sense.

“Best of all, some strong fighters have two Passive Powers. Other’s have both a Passive Power and a Keyword that affects how the card behaves on the battlefield,” Shy says as he reels in seaweed, fixes the hook and casts again into the wide, weird ocean.

“Take for instance my friend Senna Many Feathers of the Taekwondoje™ discipline,” Shy says as he grabs a picture from within his robe.

Day6 2

“A grand warrior, hailing from Desek, Senna earned a card by being a major influence during both Ryoshi wars. On the battlefield, all who saw his majestic wings, and ruthless attacks were excited and in awe,” Shytoshi says as he tucks the picture back into his cape.

“Senna’s Card showcases the Passive Power Alpha granting +1 Attack, but also notice Payback as a keyword. Payback is a keyword that gives a one-time effect when this fighter survives damage. Meaning they can be sent to the battlefield multiple times making this card a mighty warrior in battle,” Shy says as something tugs on the line.

Day6 3

“Looks like I’ve caught our dinner, let's recap the keywords as we get a fire going,” Shytoshi says as he pulls the massive fish onboard and the ship skips towards the shoreline.

Within moments you two have a fire going.
“Okay so here are the Keywords to look for:

Alpha: Grants +1/+1 to all friendly fighters.
Aura: This effect is constantly active while the card exists on the battlefield.
Beta: Grants +1/+1 to adjacent fighters.
Backup: Does something if you already played a card this turn.
Counter: Triggers an effect every time this card suffers damage (even if it suffers damage multiple times in a single phase).
Focus: Does something every time a friendly Shiboshi Power is used, after the Shiboshi Power effects have resolved.
Knockout: This does something when this card is knocked off the battlefield.
On Draw: Triggers every time a card is drawn during your turn.
Payback: A one-time effect when this fighter survives damage.
Play: Performs when the card is placed on the battlefield.
Purify: All enhancements are removed from a Purified Fighter.
Rally: Triggers every time a friendly Fighter is played onto the battlefield.
Rampage: Does something every time this card attacks.
Spell-Break: A one-time effect when you play a spell.
Spell-Surge: Does something when you play a spell.
Takedown: Does something when an attacked card (attacked by the card in question) is knocked off the battlefield.
Tough: Reduce the amount of damage this Fighter takes from combat by 1.

The sizzle on the open fire, and the smell of fresh fish help you relax on the beach. For the first time you have a full picture of the complexity of the game from Passives to Keywords, to Shiboshi powers and Disciplines.

“It’s a lot to take in, but now I think you’re almost ready to become a master in our coveted game. How about we go over all the cards in the game and I give you even more information about the incredible past that led us to this peaceful galaxy,” Shytoshi says as he moves around the fish in the fire pit.

You nod.

“Great. I’ll start with the disciplines, and then describe all 500+ cards.” Shy says.

Day6 4

“Now then, let’s start with Chewjitsu, the balanced form,” Shy says.

Chewjitsu™ Discipline: Balanced and powerful, Chewjitsu cards remind us of the valiant warriors from the Shiba Saga™. Originally founded on the planet Cazten™, these warriors worked with the Hodavens™ to have special spells and weapons formed that are reflected in Shiba Eternity gameplay. Noted by DEEP BLUE cards and a belt icon at the bottom of cards.

#1: Paws
#2: Whisky
1-Single 2-Single
#3: Cutterbutter
#4: Iron Fur Brawler
3-Single 4-Single
#5: Swiftpaw Showoff
#6: Hiro
5-Single 6-Single
#7: Benji Trickwhip
#8: Chewjitsu Fanatic
7-Single 8-Single
#9: Mumma Floof
#10: Training Dummy
9-Single 10-Single
#11: Rafi Hard-Strike
#12: Historian Hoots
11-Single 12-Single
#13: Squeekers Lifoot
#14: Frenzied Pup
13-Single 14-Single
#15: Luna The Loyalist
#16: Astrid the Unbreakable
15-Single 16-Single
#17: Sensei Borku-San
#18: Pango
17-Single 18-Single
#19: Cone of Shame
#20: Defensive Stance
19-Single 20-Single
#21: Forgotten Artifacts
#22: Impart Wisdom
21-Single 22-Single
#23: Aimless Strikes
#24: Second Wind
23-Single 24-Single
#25: Paw of Destruction
#26: Pawprint Sai
25-Single 26-Single
#27: Bone Nunchucks
#28: Trusty Katana
27-Single 28-Single
#29: Toothy Kama
#30: Relentless Naginata
29-Single 30-Single

Shytoshi turns to you and places a bowl of hot stew next to you. “Careful it’s hot,” he says. “ The sand will cool it. Enjoy. I’m going to wrap some up and take it to our next destination.”

You dig into the warm meal and relax under the radiant green sky.

Day6 5

Time to meet the Taekwondoje Fighters!

Led by Glowfist, Taekwondoje is a discipline that focuses on the power of the fighter and swift attacks founded on the planet of Desek. This style is mostly mirrored from the fierce, quick, and relentless attack of the Yeks also found on this planet. Cards that represent this powerful discipline are LIGHT GREY as is the planet of Desek and have the special Taekwondoje collar.
#31: Steadfast Halter
#32: Lightfoot Swinger
31-Single 32-Single
#33: Treasured Scholar
#34: Cross Guarder
33-Single 34-Single
#35: Long Snout Chomper
#36: Butterfly Brave
35-Single 36-Single
#37: Bull-Wark
#38: Thrill Pouncer
37-Single 38-Single
#39: Sansa Mana-Fist
#40: Toe-Toed Valiant
39-Single 40-Single
#41: Snowball Charge-Loft
#42: Pusuke, Ageless Companion
41-Single 42-Single
#43: Lightfoot Master
#44: Arya Mana-Fort
43-Single 44-Single
#45: Chester, The Undeterred
#46: Makto, Horde Bearer
45-Single 46-Single
#47: Senna Many-Feather
#48: Grand-Sentry Gelert
47-Single 48-Single
#49: Brightest Flame
#50: Booky Buffalo
49-Single 50-Single
#51: Doppelganger Upper
#52: Fleetfoot Charger
51-Single 52-Single
#53: Jealous Gull
#54: Stand Guard
53-Single 54-Single
#55: Strike Support
#56: Overcharge
55-Single 56-Single
#57: Meditate
#58: The High Ground
57-Single 58-Single
#59: Dogjo Armory
#60: Magic Mirror
59-Single 60-Single

You take one last bite and turn to Shytoshi. “Where to?” you ask.

“Terefit,” he answers. “On the way we’ll talk about the Bite Thai and Ryochi cards. But I have a confession,” Shy says as tucks his cards back into his cloak and smiles.

Day6 6

“Earlier when I said I was going to teach you to fly, it wasn’t actually flying. It’s called Magnetic Extraction, Mechanic Tech. Using ‘Heavy gloves’, or the fibers in your cloak, the Shib Ship One will pull you on board. Observe,” Shy says as you two walk closer to the shore and the familiar feeling of levitation overcomes you.

Day6 7

Zoom! You two fly into the air and back onto the ship.

Back on the ship, you two walk and relax in the lounge.

“So, let’s learn about Bite Thai. Powerful fighters exist in this discipline,” Shytoshi says.

Day6 8

#61: Feral Tackler
#62: Old Chomper
61-Single 62-Single
#63: Fang Tutor
#64: Hardclaw Mystic
63-Single 64-Single
#65: Gruff Charger
#66: Scrapp
65-Single 66-Single
#67: Crimson Champion
#68: Sawtooth
67-Single 68-Single
#69: Knuckle Brawler
#70: Big Sis
69-Single 70-Single
#71: Arcane Hellion
#72: Jordi Stonefist
71-Single 72-Single
#73: Herald of Tremors
#74: Crested Strategist
73-Single 74-Single
#75: King-Finder Togo
#76: Lady Wildclaw
75-Single 76-Single
#77: Unstoppable Horde
#78: Cerberus Whistle-Threat
77-Single 78-Single
#79: Gentle Giant
#80: Destroyer Driessen
79-Single 80-Single
#81: Helpful Heckler
#82: Wandering Mammoth
81-Single 82-Single
#83: Breakneck Pace
#84: High Tackle
83-Single 84-Single
#85: Ramming Strike
#86: Glass Claws
85-Single 86-Single
#87: Scare Off
#88: Talon Typhoon
87-Single 88-Single
#89: Primeval Power
#90: Jurassic Bark
89-Single 90-Single

Shy laughs and reshuffles his deck of cards. “I should mention, these are more than cards. They are sacred fighters of our past and limitless future. Combined with the other things at your disposal including Shiboshi Powers, Keywords and Passive Powers, your Shiboshi & Deck have nearly infinite combat combinations at your disposal. Looks like we’ve made it to Hanib™ home of Ryochi™. We’ll explore the fighters from this planet as we hike.”

Day6 9

#91: Young Disciple
#92: Resilient Rowan
91-Single 92-Single
#93: Bricc
#94: Southpaw Protector
93-Single 94-Single
#95: Shortclaw Giant
#96: Cheer Chuck
95-Single 96-Single
#97: Wing Mill
#98: Tuftier Monk
97-Single 98-Single
#99: Shield Brother
#100: Timid Merchant
99-Single 100-Single
#101: Taskmaster Paido
#102: Kingmaker
101-Single 102-Single
#103: Merrett Eversight
#104: Glory Armorer
103-Single 104-Single
#105: Irebound Mystic
#106: Mina The Untouchable
105-Single 106-Single
#107: Reginald Sleevy
#108: Jade Baron Amadeus
107-Single 108-Single
#109: Unwavering Protection
#110: Lana Longreach
109-Single 110-Single
#111: Voodoo Runner
#112: Storm Preparations
111-Single 112-Single
#113: Fortitude Tutoring
#114: Ancestral Blessings
113-Single 114-Single
#115: Healthy Coat
#116: Divine Resolution
115-Single 116-Single
#117: Sturdy Pole
#118: Barbed Spear
117-Single 118-Single
#119: Cogwork Sabre
#120: Ceremonial Sword
119-Single 120-Single

You reach a clearing in the dense jungle and instantly a beautiful creature with a strange green hue manifests in front of you.

She says to Shytoshi: “Welcome back, what brings you to Hanib?”

“We’d like passage please,” he says in return. “I brought your favorite soup.”

“Yummy,” the bright EL says, “ Passage granted. Enjoy new recruit! Hail Shiba!”

Day6 10

“Alright then follow me, “ Shy says. “Our next to last stop is one you have to see. “ Remember how to do a magnetic extraction? Great! Let’s go and then you’ll learn all about those Woof Chun & Shyjitsu en route.”

Day6 11

He zooms off and you follow only moments behind in a ball of glowing radiance. You both land aboard the ship as it jerks off towards a large glowing portal. On the ceiling on the bridge the Woof Chun fighters appear.

#121: Grasshoppa
#122: Momiji
121-Single 122-Single
#123: Bandana Bretta
#124: Softpaw Bolter
123-Single 124-Single
#125: Toothy Heckler
#126: Mavel
125-Single 126-Single
#127: Flag Bear-er
#128: Shell Bard
127-Single 128-Single
#129: Heavy Slugger
#130: Payback Pete
129-Single 130-Single
#131: Kingly Brawler
#132: Supply Chief
131-Single 132-Single
#133: Glory Glutton
#134: Eager Sidekick
133-Single 134-Single
#135: Fowl Hardy
#136: Coco, The Charger
135-Single 136-Single
#137: Pupper Trainer
#138: Copper, Bane-Blade
137-Single 138-Single
#139: Multiplying Menace
#140: Hornfel The Tireless
139-Single 140-Single
#141: Prickly Present
#142: Bouncing Bolt
141-Single 142-Single
#143: Primal Howl
#144: Tall Grass Tremors
143-Single 144-Single
#145: Pinch & Punch
#146: Waargghghh!
145-Single 146-Single
#147: Bamboo Long Pole
#148: Butterfly Swords
147-Single 148-Single
#149: Concrete Pillar
#150: Quadruple Swords
149-Single 150-Single

For the first time since you’ve been inside the Shib Ship One the seat latches on to you!!

“Engaging UltraSpeed™ lock via Shibarium Earth Gems™ & Shibarium Electric Bolts™ ,” the Ship announces.

Day6 12

WHOOSH! The ship melds into a speed your mind can barely comprehend, blending the shapes of the stars into lines, and cracking a huge portal as it enters and exits at the same time.

Day6 13

The Ship breaks through the portal and takes a moment to get oriented.

Shy opens his eyes and smiles at you. “We’ll float towards our destination at normal speed here on out. Let’s meet the final discipline shall we?”

You nod as the ship’s windows warp back to normal.

#151: Long-Claw Runner
#152: Shadow Patches
151-Single 152-Single
#153: Armed Pacifier
#154: Distraction Prodigy
153-Single 154-Single
#155: Double Claw
#156: Feisty Fletcher
155-Single 156-Single
#157: Unsuspicious Smuggler
#158: Paralytic Pariah
157-Single 158-Single
#159: Boaris Quickslice
#160: Mr. Jekyll
159-Single 160-Single
#161: Hidden Boulder
#162: Undercover Pupper!
161-Single 162-Single
#163: Sensei Snr.
#164: Meditative Master
163-Single 164-Single
#165: Shadow Smith
#166: Famed Daimyo
165-Single 166-Single
#167: Maya, Hook-Knife
#168: Clover & Carver
167-Single 168-Single
#169: Nyght
#170: Arcane Bladebreaker
169-Single 170-Single
#171: Gunpowder Mischief
#172: Underhanded Dagger
171-Single 172-Single
#173: Swoop N’ Loot
#174: Get In Position
173-Single 174-Single
#175: Hidden In Plain Sight
#176: Smoke Screen
175-Single 176-Single
#177: Sharpened Kunai
#178: Frozen Shuriken
177-Single 178-Single
#179: Keen Kusarigama
#180: Boundless Nagamaki
179-Single 180-Single

And there you have it. The discipline cards. We started at Shibatopia, and now we’ve arrived at what we call the Celestial Wedding.

You wander forward and plaster your face onto the cold glass

Day6 14

“Thousands of years ago. Even after the SS Virgil had landed in pieces, its energy kept going towards the “Gates of Posnia”. So a Golden Ser came and slowed time around that bright star at the bottom left. With it slowed, the Leash could be used to stop or boost the explosion as I stated before,” Shytoshi says.

“Now let’s land this ship, and see the last planet to show you, Hamkoh,” Shy whispers as the ship disappears at portal speed towards the lion’s paw.

You two touch down on a dark planet with lots of blinking lights and then maneuver to an incredible landing pad near water and

Day6 15

“My favorite hotel in the galaxy,” Shy says as you two exit the Shib Ship One

As you walk on the edge of the water, light piano music vibrates from the glittering walls “Glad you can make it Shy!” a worker says as another couple walks away. “Checking in? Fantastic. You’re in for a treat, recruit.”

Day6 16

“Glad to see so many recruits coming to see the wedding, learn the lore, and all the history hidden within our limitless future,” as Shy taps his device to the crystal (?) table for a quick Shibarium payment. You get to your hotel room and it’s way more lavish than even you expected.

Day6 17

You rest your head and fall asleep instantly