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You awaken to an amazing aroma, get ready for the day and wander upstairs.

“Good morning recruit,” Shytoshi says as he wipes his face with a napkin. “Have a seat, I made you an Earth breakfast.”

Day5 1

Shytoshi continues, “I figured you’d need nourishment after last night.”

He laughs heartily as you dig into the delicious meal.

“So we talked about Shiboshi Powers, and also about the Disciplines as part of the Lore of the solar system. Now, let’s dig deeper into Traits. There are 10,000 Shiboshis available in the game, created by Hodaven magic and Mechanic technology, they are a modern marvel. Because they can have a combination of different types of eyes, body, hair, clothing etc., each has a special association of Trait cards that each Shiboshi can use. Let me demonstrate,” Shy points up to the ceiling once again.

Day5 2

“This is a coronal mass ejection, a CME, a solar flare,” Shy begins as the ceiling lights up with an epic flame. “It’s also a card in Shiba Eternity.”

“The card is a Trait Card, meaning it can only be used if your Shiboshi has a certain trait. The card will still need to be either a Fighter, Spell, or Weapon. This particular card is a Spell, which you can tell because it has no Attack nor Stamina/Durability,” Shy says as he points at the ceiling.

Day5 3

“Note this trait card is tied to a CLOTHING trait (see the little Gi under the Blue angle?) So, if your Shiboshi has an Orange Gi, this card can be used by them. And only, if they have an Orange Gi. Also note that Blue angle means it’s a RARE card. Clear or Gray is Common, Purple is Epic and Yellow would be Legendary. Only one instance of a Legendary card per deck, got it?” Shy says as the ceiling fades away. “Because of this, I have a large Shiboshi collection.”

Day5 4

“I keep them in my collection over there behind the double doors,” Shy says. “ Remember also, there are disciplines that alter which discipline cards your Shiboshi can use too.”

“Moreover, one of the core components of winning this game is having a well built deck. Now that you understand the different types of cards (Fighter, Spell, Weapon) and different class of cards (Discipline, Trait) and the different rarity of cards (Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary) it’s time to time them all together with a discipline. When you open the game, you’ll be at the main screen.

Day5 5

Oh nice! You’ve been playing I can see. But still only 1 kibble so far? Let’s see- oh you have a chest ready to open. Tap to open it.

Day5 6

Day5 7

Inside that chest there are two cards and some kibble! Let’s see. The first card is one (x1) common, Fire of Confusion card (this is fine). That’s a Spell card (notice no attack or stamina) and can be used if your Shiboshi has Fire Hair.

The second card is a Fighter! Armored Shib. The card has 3 Barks needed to play, 3 Attack and 3 Stamina. Notice also it has the Passive Power Tough (which means it takes one less damage each time it is attacked). It can be put in your deck if your Shiboshi has Steel headwear as noted above the card.

Day5 8

That last card should be Kibble,” Shytoshi says as you swipe to reveal.

Day5 9

“Kibble is super useful because it allows you to purchase card decks and also more Shiboshis. Now you have 21 Kibble. Keep winning games to get more Kibble and more collectible cards,” Shy says. “Let’s click the ! button for quests.”

Day5 10

Day5 11

“Every day you’ll get new quests (on the left) and weekly quests on the right. This is a great way to earn kibble or XP (so you can gain new Disciplines),” Shytoshi says as he gets up on the unusually luxurious ship.

“Okay, so let me show you my cards so you can learn with many trait cards, how to build a proper deck,” Shytoshi waves his hand and the ceiling fades to black.

“Come with me,” the masked Shytoshi says.

The ship is dank, yet refreshing. Tiny whizzing and stirring give the ship almost a lifelike persona. Shytoshi’s boots clank on the metal framed floor and his long cape brushes after.

As you go down a round set of stairs, you approach a blue hue as Shytoshi speaks.

“So, this is my Shiboshi Laboratory. You have one as well when you press the Shiboshi button in game,” Shy says as you turn the corner and enter the intricate workspace.

Day5 12

“The going rate for the “Pure Fomo” needed to create a Shiboshi is 100 Kibble. Luckily, I have some Organic Pure Fomo right here, so let’s make a Shiboshi the old fashioned way,” Shy says as he briskly walks to a container on the left.

Day5 13

“Just takes one drop of this Hodaven tincture into our Mechanic gestator,” Shytoshi says as he screws off the canister’s top.

He takes out an unusual tube and dips it into the Organic Pure Fomo, then places a few drops into a large gestator.

“Stand way back, near the door,” Shy says as the machine powers up.

Day5 14

“Voila! The Shiboshi is digitized and transported to your collection. I’ve named this one GREENBAT! Let's go back up to the top deck and make a… deck,” Shy laughs as he walks out the futuristic laboratory next to you.

Day5 15

(Also note you can tap the yellow “i” box to see rarities of Shiboshi traits.) The whizzing of the futuristic machinery winds down as you walk out the smoke filled room.

“Let’s take the elevator,” Shy says as he walks with you towards a new hallway. “Shiboshi deck building is all about finding synergy between the cards involved.”

“Does that get complex?” you ask the hooded magi.

“Well, look at that! You can talk! That’s awesome. Hahaha,” Shy says. “It can be daunting at first, but building a powerful deck is the key to success, so I think it is worth your time and effort.”

“We’re here,” Shytoshi says as you turn the corner.

The elevator is different from any on earth, the Mechanic technology really is something.

Day5 16

Once inside, Shy presses a button and you don’t even feel your body dis, and then reintegrate in a split second.

Shy waves the screen on the ceiling back to life and you can see his game deck Then he sits down and back in his seat.

“Yes! That Shiboshi has 5 Shib Powers associated with it~! I like to look at my cards before choosing a discipline,” he says.

Day5 17


Day5 18

Bite Thai might be perfect… I press the “i” box top right to see my cards,” Shytoshi says as he gestures with his hands in mid air.

Day5 19

“I can even use the filters on the right to help see if this discipline is right for my new Shiboshi.

Day5 20

Looks good. Let’s do some deck building. Next, I’ll choose this Discipline and clear out the current cards.”

Day5 21

“I’m taken to his deck,” Shy points. “Now let’s click the deck and get started. Notice it takes me to the main screen to build my deck. Four main categories at the top here, Discipline, Trait cards, Shiboshi Powers and Card Backs,” Shytoshi points out to you. “Now, at the very bottom right corner, let’s click the red x. (We could also auto-fill the cards but let's pick some first.)”

Day5 22

Day5 23

“Let’s choose some trait cards for our GreenBat,” he taps the air and goes to the Trait Card screen on the ceiling. “Let's grab a few cards from here. You want to note the types of card effects (Passive Powers and Keywords) each card uses to help craft a great deck.”

Day5 24

Day5 25

“Drag the card you want to the deck like so,” Shy reaches with his hand and gestures in the sky to move the card. “Soon after choosing Trait cards, you can make the remaining cards from the Discipline cards. Once you have them all, it’s time to choose a Shiboshi Power.”

Day5 26

Day5 27

“And let me set a card back to flex on those I defeat,” Shytoshi says with a giggle.

Day5 28

“Hit the back button and save the changes and we’re ready. That’s the how-to but complex relationships between the cards all depend on additional effects. Let’s go deeper into that tomorrow. That’s enough for today Recruit,” Shy says. “There’s still so much you haven’t seen of this ship. Try the meditation room.”

Your Palm Map™ lights up, so you wave goodbye and make your way down two flights of steps. At the bottom, you walk into a spacious room and sit in an odd meditation cushion. Multiple layers of bubbles surround your body as you feel your chakras turn on and begin to illuminate.

Day5 29

You fall asleep in this meditative position in just moments.