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“Welcome back sleepy head,” Shytoshi says to you as you awaken on the bridge of the Shib Ship One. “Don’t worry, I put the rest of the Shib Powers in the glossary. (And that was magnetic extraction, but I digress.) Today, let’s talk about the cards in Shiba Eternity.

There are three types: Fighters, Spells and Weapons. An example of a weapon is the Laser Fists weapon your Shiboshi can equip. Just remember when you attack a fighter with a weapon, your Shiboshi takes the damage of the Fighter’s Attack. Ever been hit by laser fists? Yeah, not fun,” Shytoshi turns to look at the flashing scenes in the window portals.

Day4 1

“Laser fists are one of many weapons utilized by disciplines or based on the traits that your Shiboshi has. Now, let’s talk about Spells,” Shytoshi says with a smile as he reaches and touches a hidden cabinet.

“Spells can enhance, destroy, purify, speed up and so much more. It’s your job to figure out which spells you need in your deck, and how it works with your Shib Power, Weapons and Fighters. In the real world, having spells and potions like this one,” Shy produces a blue bottle with something squirming inside. “Can be beneficial. This is Shadowcat Antivenom, with the mother. Take a few drops under your tongue since you passed out.”

Day4 2

The liquid is bitter and sweet at the same time. Shy smiles then continues.

“It purifies you now, but you’ll feel that tomorrow. Ironically, cards work the same way, so always look for additional effects. Also note that while Spells only have a bark power cost, Fighter and Weapon cards have Stamina or Durability which results in them being removed from the field. Also remember that Fighters aren’t just people, they can be things or even events,” Shy says as the ceiling above him fades to black. “Let me explain.”

Day4 3

“That’s the invasion, as seen in Fighter Card #434 below,” Shy says.

“This card is a fighter card and it has some things we should remember. That blue diamond shows the number of Barks needed to play the card. At the bottom you’ll notice the Attack in the yellow square and Stamina on the right,”

Day4 4

On a Weapon card that red Stamina will be Durability, or how many times until the Weapon breaks. Also note at the bottom center, the purple shows the Rarity of the card, and below, the Trait the card corresponds to,” Shy says.

“Here’s another fighter to make sure you understand the concept. The Fire EL. He’s found in a volcano on Terefit, such a pleasant EL. Here’s a picture,” Shys says as the picture appears on the ceiling like all the others.

Day4 5

Shytoshi continues, “And here is the card for this epic fighter.”

“In the game, this powerful fighter has both the Passive Power Tough, it also has the Keyword Rampage. Each Passive Power and Keyword do different things, and a complete list is found in the glossary and explanations for each card in the index,” Shy says as the picture of the card fades from the ceiling.

Day4 6

“I think that’s enough for today, that anti-venom is going to kick in and things might get a tad bit trippy. Tomorrow we get into the rules of the game,” Shy says as the scene begins to melt. “Yup, here comes the Overload. Rest well fren.”

You wander back downstairs to your familiar minimalist bedroom. It looks different somehow, a bit strange. And your head is pounding.

Just rest, you think to yourself as you melt into the warm comfy bed of swirling colors.

Day4 7