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You go through your normal routine and meet Shytoshi on the bridge.

“Welcome back Shib recruit,” Shytoshi says with a smile. “Today we go a bit deeper. Let’s learn about our Shiboshis and portals too.”

“Each Shiboshi has varying traits. Since your Shiboshi battles for you, you need to understand what these traits are, and how they affect what your Shiboshi can do,” Shy laughs as he walks towards the unique rounded architecture.

“For instance, most normal Shiboshi will have “Ancient Instincts” which gives your Shiboshi + 1 Attack until the end of your turn. Your Shiboshi could embody the Ancient Instincts of the Great Fire Tigers of The Jungles in Desek with this Shib Power!”

Day3 1

“If you bought a mansion on the planetHanib, congrats!” Shy says as he lifts his goblet to his hooded face. “Your Shiboshi will deserve Butler Service. You get to Draw One Card, but it'll cause your Shiboshi to Overload 1 Bark Power.”

Day3 2

“I’ll take you there soon, but first, c’mon my favorite team is playing. We’ll jump this portal,” Shy says.

Instantly, the floor begins to glow and the large windows behind you melt like plasma into the visual of a sports game. He jumps through the portal and you reluctantly follow.

Instantly, you’re in a huge stadium!

“There he is, coach of my Alma Mater. Looks like the game is over and we won!” Shy says. “If your Shiboshi wears a jersey or a headband, gold chain or a whistle, your Shiboshi will get to use Coaching Shiboshi Power which gives a fighter (card) +1 Attack! Woof!”

“Let’s go,” he continues. “There’s much more to see.”

Day3 3

You step back through the portal as the floor illuminates and the entire room “slides”, like flipping through a million page camera roll, in seconds.

“Dimensional shift,” Shytoshi says. “It’ll freak you out if you don’t concentrate. It’s how the Shib Ship One operates. Complex piece of tech, advanced and luxurious as the Mechanics say.”

Day3 4

“Now then, if your Shiboshi has Astro Clothes or 3D Eyes, they can use this power and switch attack and stamina stats of a fighter,” Shy informs you. “Use it wisely in battle. Let’s hurry, it's almost sundown.”

“How’d the mechanics build it you ask?” Shy asks as he steps forward and you two begin to hike. “They call it Fast Development. Entire Shib ship was shipped in a day. Truly a marvel. Devs on earth use this skill too. In fact, if your Shiboshi has No Fud clothes, VR Eyes or Dev Shirt they can use the Fast Development Shib Power and give a fighter Speedy for one turn so they can attack twice on the battlefield!”

“Let’s camp here. I’m going to teach you something.”

Day3 5

“Fireballs are one of the most effective Shib Powers you can use,” Shy states. “If your Shiboshi has Wizard Robe clothing or Wizard Headwear, Spiral eyes or a Flame Mouth you can toss a fireball as a Shib Power. Best of all, it does one damage to the enemy Shiboshi!”

“Look over the cliff, here on Planet 6, Terefit. This is the power of FrostFire,” Shy says as he steps over the hill.

Day3 6

“Here on Terefit, the frost and fire mix nightly. If your Shiboshi has Blue Hair or Blonde Hair, Blue or an Orange Gi they can use Frost Fire which hits a fighter and takes 2 Stamina, while stunning adjacent fighters!” Shy stops, “I think you understand Shib Powers, so how about I show you something cool. Ready?”

“First, concentrate on where you want to go. Let the power of Shibarium pulse through your veins, and then zone in…” Shytoshi says as he turns around.

Day3 7

For a moment the debris in the area begins to flutter, then the energy pulsating from the human(?) forces you to squint.

Day3 box1 Day3 box2
Day3 box3 Day3 box4

ZOOM! Shytoshi rushes off into the sky, following the blue streak above.
You begin levitating into the sky as well! A feeling of being pulled into the sky from your bones. Unsure what to do you look up and whisk- you’re off.

Day3 8

You zoom away but faint as you lift into the sky unexpectedly.