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Without an alarm or a rush to get up, you do your morning ritual, all seems normal. But you open the door to a magnificent view atop a new world.

Shy sits in the middle of the room, cloaked, holding some sort of weapon or device.

“Welcome back Shib Recruit,” Shytoshi says without getting up. “Happy to see you’ve made it. Sorry for the portal but we have a lot to cover.”

Day2 1

You turn to close the door to your room, but it’s gone. The view from the magnificent room almost makes Shy’s words melt away.

“Unbeknownst to the vast majority of humans on earth, there are many planets inhabited by species of creatures that “evolved” and gained consciousness. In our corner of the galaxy, creation stretches northward through 12 known to be inhabited planes. 10 of them are planets, the other two are realms where ascended or demented spirits reside,” Shy states.

“For simplicity, Posnia Retek™ is the uppermost plane where Sers™ and ELs™ oversee the evolution of the spirits of the animal (and other) kingdoms. The lowest plane is Hellnia™. You’re staring at Shibatopia™, where we live today. Closest to your home of Earth. Powered by the Shib community and of course Shibarium.

All the events are in our past, before we reached a level of peace from among the entire galaxy that is carefully maintained through incredible decentralization around the Shib ecosystem. We’ve even achieved 100% usage on your home planet of Earth! I thought this future was far away, but it was closer than even I imagined. That’s why I’m so excited to share our game with you. Let’s get started!” Shytoshi says with his signature excitement.

He gets up and walks towards a futuristic cabinet. “Thirsty?” Shy asks.

You think to yourself how good water would be right now and nod quietly.

“Great. You’re going to love this,” Shy says as he reaches the counter and puts his hand on the onyx surface. His imprint lights up and the sound of water rushes into the room.

Shytoshi waves you to a comfortable chair and water appears into a cup that manifests as he pours from across the room!

Day2 2

“Hodaven Magic, with a blessing from the Water EL of Cazten,” he says. “Drink up. It’s specially selected by the Water EL for this special occasion. The passing on of the lore. ”

“Now then, like humans, the species on these many planets didn’t always get along. Many battles were fought, warriors captured, lives lost. It wasn’t until after the Celestial Wedding™ , Death Hike™ and ShibArmy Invasion™ that the planets found peace, harmony, and liberation from the evil doings of the Shadowcats,™ he says.

Day2 3

You take a sip of the water and it tastes like an ice cold warm hug on a hot beach.

Shy continues, “Although humanity has always been visited by other species, it wasn’t until a “ship” crashed in Roswell, that the first Mechanic™ technology fell into the hands of the humans.
Immediately, various programs were initialized and the secrets of the Shib Universe™ were sealed Above Top Secret. It’s also rumored that Shadowcat Prince was there during the first few meetings. This Shadowcat General is so fierce it could take out thousands at a time on the Battlefloor™ in Hellnia.”

Day2 4

“Anyways, in 1999, an experiment was designed to send The SS VIRGIL™ Naval Ship into space, past the Rakiya™. This experiment involving the ship and a full set of crew members (including a Shiba Inu pet named Ryoshi) was completed unbeknownst to the world. A Shadowcat, Crimson Pirate was on board as well,” Shytoshi says over your sips of the liquid ambrosia.

He continues. “The experiment was both a massive success, and terrible failure. The ship, and all its crew, were disintegrated and flung to the outer reaches of our local galaxy while ripping a hole through the fabric of time, space and (Shibarium). This “Terrible Tear”™ would be the catalyst for the events that define the Shiba past.”

Day2 5

“When the ship crashed here on Shibanu, now Shibatopia, most of the soldiers had perished. It was learned later that many from the other half of the ship became known as the Wanderers (sometimes The Mercenaries™),” Shytoshi says as he puts down his goblet and stares into your eyes.

“Best of all, those who survived gained, some would say, superpowers and one, Ryoshi (the Shiba Inu), evolved to gain incredible intelligence and strength. Armed with the proven idea of decentralization, his two sacred Katana and the adoration of the entire planet, he was able to bring peace. This peace moved on to multiple planets in the Shiba Solar System™ until the Shadowcats attacked,” he says.

Day2 6

Shadowcats are vile sworn enemies to the Shiba Inus of the galaxy and, through the leadership of the Fallen Mind El™ and the Ser of Deception™, spawn when more FUD exists in the world. Therefore, these entities thrive on creating havoc, scams, and all around despair across multiple worlds. Luckily for all involved, Shiba Inus are the only breed of dogs that have been shown to smell these entities no matter their form,” Shytoshi explains as a drone Shib taxi flies by.

Without speaking further he turns and walks down a few steps and over to the other side of the bridge where he sits on the captain's chair.

Day2 7

Shy shakes his head, “It was later revealed that word got to the outer reaches of the Shiba Solar System™ that Ryoshi’s ideas about decentralization, equity and peace had turned Shibanu into Shibatopia. This angered the Shadowcats and they executed an unprovoked attack on the planet and Shib Space Station. Ryoshi, with the help of the other Shibas from various disciplines, fought off the attack, but not without heavy losses (especially within the Bite Thai™ & Woof Chun discipline). Some of these fighters were captured, and subsequently taken to the planet Taadh™.

Day2 8

Shy rests again on the floor of the unusual room. “As a result, and with all due fairness, Ryoshi led a small army of Shibas and Mercenaries to Taadh to rescue the captured fighters. He enlisted the technology of the Mechanics and the magic of the Hodaven™ portals to arrive at the location undetected and attacked with full power. The Shadowcats™ were decimated, and the captured Shibas rescued, but Ryoshi was lost in the fight, (temporarily) last seen pulling a Shadowcat through a portal to a lower realm (or planet). He was for many years considered MIA.”

Day2 9

Shadowcats vowed revenge, but Shibatopia remained peaceful…that is until after the Celestial Wedding was discovered.

“You see,” Shy says. “As the SS Virgil traveled through Shibarium, it caused a Terrible Tear through time and space that pulled two otherwise distant Stars towards one another. The gravitational pull of the two stars, and impact thereof, would cause a supernova large enough to destroy most of the 10 planets in the Shiba Solar System™! This explosion is known as the Celestial Wedding.”

Day2 10

“Worst of all, the Shadowcats intend to use a L.E.A.S.H. to enhance the explosion and destroy half the universe by increasing polarity and the energy within the explosion. Moreover, we can assume that the explosion would move so slow the entire universe would be trapped in FUD. This additional FUD could drag even more souls to Helltia™, exactly what the Shadowcats want,” Shy explains.

Day2 11

“I won’t go into much detail about this extinction level event now, that would take far too long. But if you stay long enough Shib Recruit, you’ll learn the entire story of how we came to get here today in the future,” Shy says with a smile. “They’re kept in the Ancient Shiba Secrets.”

Shy laughs. “I doubt you’ll ever need to take a portal to one of these planets but in case you are curious, here is a short history of each.”

“The first planet is Posnia Retek where Sers and El’s are dispatched. There was a war in this realm where a rogue Ser, converted a Mind El to rebel. This powerful Fallen El incinerated hundreds of Els which spawned the Shadowcats millenia ago,” Shy says to you.

Day2 12

As punishment for this heinous event, the Fallen El was cast down to Helltia by a Diamond Ser.

Day2 13

It is rumored that the Rogue Ser has been trapped in a place called Dudahel among others that complied with the rebellion,” Shy says as he frowns.

He continues. “Posnia might not be in our dimension, but Hamkoh, the second planet, is. It’s the Realm of Sers in the physical plane. No one knows the location of this planet, but it is rumored to house the ELs and Sers who have been asked to manifest in the physical plane. It also houses the Andromedans which serve as a medium between EL, Ser and other species. It’s very rare to see an Andromedan, here’s a sketch of one I saw in my travels.”

Day2 14

“If you fall in love,” Shytoshi says as he laughs. “Andromedans will love you forever, so be careful!”

Shytoshi points east. “Planet three is Hanib, an Earth El’s planet. Many organic creatures exist here. It stores the closest portal to the Celestial Wedding though no one knew its exact location. There is an Earth El here too! Hanib is also home of the RyoChi™ discipline. Primarily in peace and harmony this planet exists; ShibArmy members that live here use RyoChi to remain competitive and physically active.”

Day2 15

“I’ve been there once or twice,” Shy states. “Bring an umbrella”

Shy finishes the last of his drink. “Planet four is Taadh. This murky planet is the Shadowcat homebase. Primarily mice and other Shadowcats exist here. Former prison planet for captured Shibas before the great Shiba Rebellion (AKA Ryoshi War 2) spawned by The Mercenary Wanderers™. This planet should be avoided at all costs.”

Day2 16

“Planet five is: Desek, home of the Yeks. It’s rumored that the Shadowcats invaded the Yek planet and captured thousands of Yeks for domestication on Taadh. The result is a riding force that increases the ability and agility of the Shadowcats. Taekwondoje™ fighters train on this bird-heavy planet. Here they have mastered spells and using wind and air attacks,” Shytoshi says.

Shy laughs. “Trust me, when wandering through the forest, please use caution, or have anti-YEK spray handy.”

Day2 17

“Planet 6 is Haruveg: Ousted from the SS Virgil Experiment, some of the surviving humans landed on the planet and work as mercenaries for the ShibArmy and are known as Wanderers. In fact, they teamed up with Ryoshi to help free the Bite Thai™ Shibas and have a strong alliance with a few different disciplines. The Woof Chun™ discipline was founded here and received a bit of influence from the Wanderers.“

Day2 18

“Fun fact! Remember when I said the Wanderers and all the sailors had mutations? Look at the soldier on the right, that’s ‘Quad’. Yup. Four arms. Insane I tell you,” Shytoshi says as he turns to get up.

“Planet seven is Terefit. Teresians™ reside on this planet. It is a fire focused planet of peace known for incredible parties and wonderful massages, but this was not always the case,” Shy says as he smiles to himself.

Day2 19

The picture on the ceiling fades and you turn to look at Shytoshi. It’s hard to make out his face in the large hood, and maybe that’s why you both wear them, but it makes this entire process spooky and invigorating.

“Pay attention, Recruit!” Shy says and he sits back down empty handed.
Frinos™ are pure charcoal entities animated and conscious, that coexist on Terefit. They've fought Teresians for centuries. Both sides argue the other wanted to enslave all animals on the planet. The fighters of the Bite Thai Discipline fought alongside the animal rebels against the Teresian leader with the help of a Frinos battalion. The war was settled as a Diamond Ser sent a new chief for the planet, Chief of Teresians. Now, with the concept of decentralization, and the Shiba ecosystem, the planet has found peace.” Shy recalls.

Day2 20

“The eight planet is Cazten. It’s inhabited by the Hytos; peaceful yet strong water warriors. These beings exist on this planet alongside the enigmatic Hodavens and a powerful Water El. The planet is primarily rainforest, with many oceans and lakes. Chewjitsu™ was founded here as a way to practice using the materials available including special weapons forged by the Hodavens,” Shy says.

Day2 21

“Planet nine is Thoh. This planet is forged from the electronic components of the galaxy. It’s rumored that the Mechanics have large ‘junk ships’ that scour the outer reaches of outer space collecting space junk. This junk is then dumped on the planet Thoh, making one large landfill in certain areas. The Mechanics then use these parts to make incredible technologies including ships, weapons, and a host of items that are bespoke to the requesting entity,” Shy says while acting out every electric moment.

“To power their inventions, they pray and pay homage to the local Electric El and utilize their divine Bolts. Shibas live on the outskirts of this planet, far from Mechanics (who love to eat meat of any sort). They use Shyjitsu™ to remain hidden and stealthy around Mechanics,” he says.

Day2 22

“We’re here on planet 10, Shibanu/Shibatopia, depending on the era. Shibanu or Shibatopia is the main headquarters for the Shiba Inus. Known for eventually reaching a state of peace after the First and Second Ryoshi Wars, decentralization is the key to this planet’s success. After the three incidents, The Celestial Wedding™ , Hell Hike™ and ShibArmy Invasion™, Shibatopians™ created the Shiba Eternity game and Shiboshis to remember their rich history, lore, and ethos for all time,” Shytoshi explains to you.

Day2 23

Shytoshi smiles before continuing. “Planet eleven is your home, Earth. Home to the human species and many others, Earth is a small blue planet with a neglected Earth El. The world governments of this planet utilize Mechanic technology and it’s rumored to have been invaded by Shadowcats (who have melded with many humans). After the popularity of Shiba’s token, and the resulting power of the ShibArmy, many Shadowcats are curious to find out how Ryoshi’s message of decentralization reached from Shibatopia to Earth! It is also rumored to be the final battleground for the Solar System.”

Day2 24

“There’s even a ‘Negative Realm’: Helltia,” Shy says and then pauses for effect.

“Known by most humans as simply Hell, Helltia is the polar opposite of Posnia Retek. Souls that perish with a negative composition are dragged down to this realm where they endure countless horrors daily. Ruled by the Shadowcats, and the Fallen El, it’s a place like no other, and should be avoided at all costs.”

Day2 25

Shytoshi waves at you. “Another fantastic day of learning. Rest well. Tomorrow we go over cards and other aspects of the game. See you in the AM.”

You walk down a flight of steps and arrive at a comfortable living quarter. All you can think about is if this all is real.

Day2 26