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“Today, and every day we celebrate the peace of Shibatopia™ by playing Shiba Eternity™. I’m Shytoshi, and I’ll guide you through this wonderful journey and teach you not only the truth of our universe, but so much more. Get some treats and get ready, it’s a doozy!” Shytoshi Kusama says as he walks closer.

I’ll quickly introduce you to Ryoshi, who will give you basic training. After Ryoshi has given you your first Shiboshi™, we’ll meet at my ship, and I’ll go into complete detail about our lore and the game,” Shytoshi says as he looks at the peaceful garden.

Shy looks to the sky, “Shiboshis are cute creatures designed to help you achieve greatness in our world, and in our game. Make sure to journey out into our Metaverse as well (, and explore the amazing Shib Ecosystem containing $SHIB, $BONE, $LEASH and our L2 blockchain Shibarium!”

He whips around to salute you. “If it seems like a lot, don’t worry, you’ll be a pro in no time! Welcome to the ShibArmy recruit!”

“Now then, you’ll keep this guide near so that you can excel!” Shy begins to walk to the entrance of the Dogjo™ and you hurriedly follow.


“Now then, let’s walk to Ryoshi and I’ll explain the truth of our universe on the way,” Shy says as you come to a wooden door with a smart reader near the door knob.

He reaches his device to tap the reader, “We’ll use Shibarium to enter the Dogjo and in the process burn some Shib. May the Sers reign. Good luck and Hail Shiba! —-”


“Greetings new Shib recruit, I am Ryoshi. I’ll be in charge of your training.”


“Still can’t believe it’s him!” Shy whispers under his breath just loud enough for you to hear.

“What is your name?” Ryoshi asks.


“Ok, tell him your name, or remind him if you’ve been here before,” Shy whispers from the sideline.


“Welcome, if you’re here you must have heard about our incredible past and want to get involved in our limitless future. Well, before you do anything else you need to learn our game?” Ryoshi says while walking across the Dogjo to the opposing side.


“You see pleb, it wasn’t always peaceful in our vast galaxy… we in the ShibArmy have had many battles that led us to this state. To honor this story and ensure it is passed down for many generations, we play- Shiba Eternity. “


“We Shibs pride ourselves on our rich history, mythos, and ethos,” Ryoshi says with a stern glance.


“Your time in this dojo will be spent mastering our honorary game.”


“This is your first Shiboshi! Shiboshi’s were first created to allow Shibs to fight without violence,” Ryoshi says as he winks at your cute pupper.


Ryoshi gets in a fighting stance and then begins again. “Your objective is to try to knock out my Shiboshi. But don’t worry; it won’t get hurt, and will be ready for your next battle. Got it?”


“Do you think you have what it takes to beat me in our coveted game?” Ryoshi asks as he chuckles loudly. “Doubtful.”


He lets out a soft grin. “ This time, I’ll simply guide you in this exercise so you can learn the basics of Shiba Eternity. But I may not be so forgiving in our future battles… Let’s begin.”


“Hey noob,” Shy calls to you, “the blue box says that you have a deck. In fact you get one card automatically at the start of each turn.”


“Nice! You got Paws! He’s a strong warrior and a great one to start with. He’s immortalized in this FIGHTER CARD. Notice that there is a Bark Power Cost (Blue Diamond), Attack (Yellow Box) and Stamina (or card Life, in Red). Place him in the battle arena to play him against your opponent.


“On all cards, in the top left corner, you’ll see Bark Power Cost and in the bottom left of the screen the blue diamond shows the number of Barks you have. When your turn starts you’ll gain a new Bark Token and refresh used ones,” Shy explains as Ryoshi looks pensively at you. “You’ll need enough Barks to play the card. You have 1 and Paws is 1, so place him onto the battlefield.”


Yup! Just like that Shib Recruit,” Shy whispers just quietly enough so that Ryoshi won’t hear. “Notice the blue outline. If you ever change your mind, drag outside the blue barrier and release. That’ll reset the card into your hand.”


“Most cards need one turn to rest before attacking. Notice the Zzzz,” Shy explains.


“Looks like you’re out of Barks and so there aren’t any other moves to take. The “End Turn” button turns green and says “Out of Moves” below. Tap that to indicate that you’re done your turn,” Shy whispers to you.


Shy gasps! “Whoa, Ryoshi moved quickly and now it’s your turn again. The Green End Turn Button on the right will begin to count down while you choose what to do, and a new card will be automatically drawn.”


“Ha! You drew Whisky the cat! Shiba Eternity has species of all types, not just dogs! Well, you can choose where to place a fighter in your line-up of cards,” Shy whispers to you as he points to the right.


Shy points again to the right, “ Yes you can place him there.”


“Or there! That’s important to note because where you choose to place your fighters may have a big impact on if you win or not,” Shy barks at you.


Shy nods, “Yes you remember that the card requires one turn to rest before attacking. You should check on Paws.”


“He’s ready to attack! Drag him to your target and watch him go!” Shy barks at you.


Shy hops up for a moment, then sits back on the hardwood floor. “Yes, just like that. You’ll see the target is highlighted with a slight red glow underneath.”


“Okay, it’s your turn again. Ryoshi put down two fighters so now you can get another card… OH, Cutterbutter. Place him on the field and get ready to attack,” Shy whispers like a great coach.


Shy whispers louder to make sure you can hear. “Wait! Remember, when you attack a target with attack points (like those wooden dummies with 1) you will take damage.”


“Ouch, yep, like that. It’s necessary to take damage and have cords knocked out, but try to plan when to do so, and when not to,” Shy exclaims as Ryoshi giggles to himself.


“Ryo’s new wooden fighters have become stronger, and you are placing another Cutterbutter. Maybe you should attack the opponent’s Shiboshi. It’s only 15 health, Ryoshi didn’t even think you worth the full 30!” Shy exclaims.


“So don’t let Ryoshi fool you! Don’t attack the dummy, it’s a trap! Attack his Shiboshi!,” Shy exclaims as Ryoshi laughs louder.


“Just like that!” Shy exclaims. “Remember, the goal is to reduce the opponent’s Shiboshi’s Stamina to 0 to win!”


“Notice that the Shiboshi’s Stamina has been reduced by 3 and Cutterbutter here has taken no damage! Great job,” Shy whispers. “Yes, expect retaliation. Hopefully your next card is a great one.”


“Nice! The Brawler has a special Passive Power that gives it a special effect. On the left the effect appears. This one is Guardian, which forces Fighters to attack this card,” Shy explains.


Shy continues, “You can see the effect in-use on a card by some designation. Sometimes this is the shape of the fighter on the battlefield. Other times it will be a shape on the card itself.”


“Time to end your turn and let Ryoshi retaliate,” Shy explains.


“Notice the card is inflicted damage based on the Attack power of the card (in this case 3) and inflicted 1 damage to the attacking card,” Shy whispers in the still room.


“Nice! The Brawler has a special Passive Power that gives it a special effect. On the left the effect appears. This one is Guardian, which forces Fighters to attack this card,” Shy explains.

Shy continues, “You can see the effect in-use on a card by some designation. Sometimes this is the shape of the fighter on the battlefield. Other times it will be a shape on the card itself.”


“Ok, there’s a Spell Card. Notice there is a Bark Cost in the top left corner and an effect that ensues after playing this Spell Card. This one doesn’t need a target, so place it on the battlefield,” Shy whispers.


Shy jumps for joy! “WHAM! Great job.”


“Now attack with the remaining card! Go get that Shiboshi,” Shy exclaims.


Shy soft claps for your achievement. “Alright. Looks like that’s all the moves you can do.”


“You’re turn again. And it looks like you got another spell! This one needs a target and that Wooden Dummy is the perfect target. Aim and drag the card to your target,” Shy explains.


Shy soft claps again. “Excellent!”


“Ahh you’ve found the Historian. Notice his card has a Keyword that gives a special effect when a condition is met,” Shy explains. “The On Play keyword activates immediately so go ahead and place him on the battlefield.”


Shy smiles at your progress. “Awesome! Now you have two additional cards to play. We don’t have the Barks to play them yet so we have to end our turn.”


“You’re first weapon. Let’s use it to attack that Wooden Dummy,” Shytoshi suggests. “Remember that each attack reduces the durability shown on the bottom right corner of the card.”


“One more thing Recruit,” Shy continues. “Remember that if you use a weapon against a Fighter, your Shiboshi will take damage equivalent to that fighter’s attack stat.”


“Just like that,” Shytoshi says.


“Now use your fighters to finish that Wooden Dummy Off and your spell card to power them up,” Shytoshi yells from the sideline!


“Power UP!” Shytoshi whispers to you.


“Impressive work so far, Shib recruit! I think it’s time that you learn to turn the tide of battle with Shiboshi’s unique abilities.


“Allow me to demonstrate…” Ryoshi says.



“Oh his Shiboshi has the Katana Slice! Remember you can tap and hold to see what Shib Power each Shiboshi has,” Shytoshi says.


“I still think you can take him!” Shytoshi says. “Keep going.”


“You can use your Shib Power as well, since you have the barks needed. Try it, ” Shytoshi says.


“Choose the Shiboshi as the target,“ Shytoshi says. “Notice the white border to indicate to choose!”


“Look at your Shiboshi go!” Shytoshi says.


“Put down your last fighter and I think you’re set up for success,“ Shytoshi says.


“You’re a fast learner! Attack with your fighters!” Shytoshi says.


“You’ve almost got him! You can do it,“ Shytoshi says from the sidelines.


“It seems you have what it takes. You’ve shown true promise. Now it’s time to unlock your Shiboshi’s true potential!” Ryoshi says.


Ryoshi continues, “Your Shiboshi would seem plain compared to mine, but Shiboshis are not normal! Especially after coming in contact with “PURE FOMO.”


“There are six core traits that make up each Shiboshi. Activating these will activate the trait’s true form that lies dormant within,” Ryoshi says.


Ryoshi continues, “Once the “FOMO” takes over the Shiboshi, we are simply passengers to its transformation. We have no control of the outcome.”


“I’ve seen Shiboshis go through this process countless times but it never ceases to amaze me,” Ryoshi states to you.


Ryoshi continues. “Surely you’ve got a name in mind. What would you like to name your Shiboshi?”


“Whoa! He’s a cutie. Remember those traits have cards associated with them too. Let’s see what else Ryoshi will now teach you, ” Shytoshi asks.


Ryoshi grins.
“Activating your Shiboshi’s dormant traits has unlocked their special Shib Powers. We’ve found that certain traits activate certain powers, but as long as your Shiboshi has at least one of the traits, they have the ability to utilize it.”


“Across the Shib Omniverse™ , we’ve found many Martial Arts disciplines used by the various species. However, here, we teach the core 6,” Ryoshi explains.


Ryoshi laughs at your amazement then continues. “The discipline you choose for your Shiboshi will give access to a set of cards which have different abilities and play styles.”


“Each time you recruit a new Shiboshi into your collection, you’ll need to decide what discipline they’re going to practice. However, for now you’ll start with the most basic discipline- Chewjitsu™,” Ryoshi explains.


“Once you’ve chosen this, there’s no going back. So, take your time to think about what Shib Powers and Trait Cards your Shiboshi can utilize, before deciding what discipline will best suit its capabilities,” Ryoshi states as he turns to walk out the incense filled Dogjo.


“In fact,” Shytoshi whispers. “You can see the cards and if they fit in your discipline by tapping the i icon in the square to the right of the name of the discipline. As shown in the arrow below.”


“If you click this, you’ll see all the cards associated with your Shiboshi (Trait Cards and Discipline Cards} with filters so you can make an informed decision.” Shytoshi states.


“That’s right Shy,” Ryoshi responds. “You can view the selected discipline cards, collected trait cards, and Shib Powers to see what kind of deck and playstyle you can create.”


“Nice! You get a set of cards for choosing a discipline! Let’s see which cards you get!” Shytoshi exclaims.


Shytoshi smiles before he speaks. “Awesome! These are the fighters of the Chewjitsu discipline and a fine group of warriors to have in your deck.”


“All right, you’ve made it to the main screen. There’s a lot here but we’ll go through it all. Okay?” Shytoshi says as he walks towards the exit.


“I think that’s enough paw holding for now. Shib recruit. Settle in, explore…and when you’re more experienced, we’ll have a rematch,” Ryoshi says with a smile.


“Only next time I won’t be holding back…” Ryoshi says as he walks towards a further exit.


“Quick things to point out in case you’re the adventurous type,” Shytoshi points out to you. “On the right you can select game style and hit play (the orange button at the lower right) to start matches.


He continues, “ Swap your equipped deck and Shiboshi here. Click the two arrows to switch.”


Ryoshi turns abruptly, “One last thing, Shib recruit. Ranked matches come with great rewards. Take this, to get you started.”


He continues, “Oh wow! Ryoshi gave you a chest. Let’s see what’s inside that can help you on your path to master Shiba Eternity™.”


“Ha! A card for another discipline. Ryoshi must believe in your ability. Great job!”


“Well, look at that, another card from the Bite Thai discipline. He must truly believe in your progression,” Shytoshi says as he exits the Dogjo with you.


Shytoshi waves at you. “Go take a rest. You’ve learned a lot today. Let’s reconvene in my lab tomorrow.”

You make it back to your minimalist room and think about tomorrow’s stories as your eyes softly close.